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2022-12-21 16:15:11 By : Ms. Sara Chang

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RV accessories play a huge role in both comfort and safety and are sure to make great gifts for RV campers.

by: Cody Stewart, BestReviews Staff

RV accessories play a huge role in both comfort and safety and are sure to make great gifts for RV campers.

by: Cody Stewart, BestReviews Staff

RVs are more popular now than ever before, so much so that people from all age groups are even deciding to live in them full-time. If you know an avid RV camper or someone who lives in their RV, you may struggle with what gifts to buy them. Luckily, the increased interest in RV camping and RV living has given way to an abundance of RV-centric gifts that any RV camper would love to receive.

Safety products – Pulling an RV is easy once you get the hang of it, but many users may still have issues with things like backing into campsites or setting their RV up for camping. Backup cameras make parking your RV a simple task, especially those that make it easier to see in the dark.

When it comes to setting up, every RVer needs a quality set of wheel chocks that can support the weight of their rig.

Collapsible products – When you own an RV, conserving space is an absolute must. Many everyday products, such as laundry baskets, ladders and cookware, now come in collapsible versions that are perfect for RVs and travel trailers. When buying a collapsible product, it’s essential to consider how sturdy the rubber is, and how functional the collapsible version of the product is compared to the original version.

Sewer products – It may seem odd to buy someone a bathroom-related gift, but when it comes to RV campers, there is likely nothing they would appreciate more. Although it isn’t fun, dumping your black and grey tanks is an essential part of RV camping. Products designed to make that task easier and cleaner are sure to impress.

Hitching and towing products – Hitching and towing can be complicated tasks for even the most seasoned RVers. Products that make these processes easier, such as sway bars, weight distribution hitches and safety chains, make great gifts for RV campers.

Decorative products – Nothing makes a campsite feel like home quite like some outdoor decor. Gifts like rope lights, welcome mats and welcome flags will give the RVer in your life the finishing touches they need for their campsite.

BAL X-Chock Tire Locking Chock

X-Chocks are a must-have for long-term campers. These capable devices fit between the RV’s tires and reduce shaking and swaying when people walk through your rig, making for a more comfortable experience. It’s important to note; these are meant to be used in addition to regular wheel chocks, as they aren’t designed to stop your trailer from rolling. Still, if the RVer in your life tends to stay at the same site for a week or more at a time, this gift is guaranteed to make for a better experience.

Camco Heavy Duty Steel 48-inch Safety Chains with Spring Hooks

Safety chains are an essential part of towing, as they help prevent your RV from getting too far away in the event of a hitch failure. Even if your friend or family member already owns a pair of safety chains, it’s a good idea to keep a spare at all times. Many users didn’t like that this set by Camco came with an even number of links and decided to remove one link on either side. Nonetheless, these safety chains are heavy-duty and make for a great spare set for any RVer.

Furrion Vision S 7 Inch Wireless RV Backup System

This waterproof backup camera is simple to set up, as most RVs are already prepped for the shark fin camera. Many users found that they never had any image distortion or blackouts, even when using the camera with a 40-foot trailer while driving 70 MPH or faster. The mount is designed for four cameras but only comes with one, so many users found that the image was smaller than they’d like. Despite this minor hiccup, RVers love the Furrion Vision S, its crystal-clear picture and its easy setup.

This gorgeous wooden sign can be customized to feature any last name you want. The quality of the sign is top-notch and campers are sure to love the fun welcome sign at their campsite.

Camco RhinoEXTREME 20ft RV Sewer Hose Kit

RV sewer hoses are an essential part of any camping trip, but many of them can degrade over time. With that said, the Camco RhinoEXTREME hoses are built to last and feature tight connections between the hoses and elbow. The hoses are 4-inches wide, so they may not fit in a standard RV rear bumper, but the increased durability more than makes up for it.

This high-quality coir doormat is perfect for keeping dirt and dust out of your RV. The doormat can be customized to feature the campers’ first names and the printing quality of the design is top-notch.

SECURITYMAN Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks

This durable set of wheel chocks is rated for trailers up to 20,000 lbs. The bright-orange design makes the wheel chocks stand out, and they’re shaped in a way that makes them easy to slide under your tires. Despite being advertised as rubber, it’s important to note that they are plastic, but most users found that the plastic material didn’t affect the chocks’ functionality.

CURT Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch

This weight distribution hitch is the perfect way to keep your trailer from swaying and bouncing while on the road. Many users received kits with missing pieces, but the seller was said to be easy to work with when getting replacement parts. This kit will work with any standard 2-inch trailer hitch receiver and is more than durable enough to last over time.

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