This New Ford Bronco Upgrade Kit From Roush Looks Awesome

2022-12-21 16:15:24 By : Ms. amy zhang

A new exhaust, high clearance and a new air filter, this Roush R Series kit makes the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco look even better.

Two things we can all agree on are that Roush makes some pretty sweet-looking kits. And, that the Ford Bronco is a pretty good-looking SUV. But what if we dared combine both? That's what Roush has done with the Roush Performance R Series kit for the 2021–2022 models of the Ford Bronco.

They went ahead and gave the 2022 Bronco a whole new facelift with a new axle-back exhaust, a new air filter, and a new lift-kit for improved ground clearance. That's not all, as always, Roush went beyond with the things you never knew you needed for your nostalgic SUV, so you, the driver, can conquer the trail in your Ford Bronco, in style… for a cost of $8,400.

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Roush added a new lightweight, axle-back exhaust and a high-capacity air filter to the Bronco so that your SUV would perform better on and off-road. But not only does it enhance the performance, the new exhaust makes the Bronco look so much better, with removable R-etched black tips for that exhaust.

The new three-inch axle-back exhaust system is forged from T304 stainless steel. This new exhaust improves ground clearance and departure angle for all your off-road needs. The exhaust also changes the Bronco's sound a bit, tuning it into that signature Roush Performance turbo-sound.

That's not the only new addition to the kit that makes the Bronco perform better. According to Roush, the new air filter delivers a 30% improvement in air induction as opposed to the one from the factory.

The dust, dirt, and water-repellent prefilter also improves the Bronco's water-fording capability, so you can take the Bronco through deeper bodies of water than you ever could before. That's made easier with the help of Roush's own 17-inch off-road wheels finished in a satin iridium shade. The Roush wheels measure 17×8.5 inches with a +25 mm offset, and although tires themselves might not be included in the kit, Roush recommends the General Tire Grabber X3 LT315/70R17 tires. Roush is gracious enough to include a tire size calibration card.

Everything Roush has done to the Bronco with its new R series kit, lets people know that your SUV is rocking is a touch more special. With its Roush graphics package, they include hood graphics, side decals (4-door only) with the Roush logo, and an American flag. Some 'R' badges for the fenders of your Bronco, an R-logo trailer hitch cover, and even a license plate cover with the Roush branding.

But not all of Roush kit features are aesthetic only. If your off-road adventure ever gets dark, Roush lets you light up the trail with a pair of 3-inch Diode Dynamics SS3 Pro pillar lights next to the side-view mirrors. These LEDs are housed in a powder-coated aluminum construction and, according to Rush, have a higher output than any other 3-inch light on the market.

For the inside of the Bronco, Roush will hook you up with a full-depth floor protection kit that will thoroughly protect the front, middle, and rear sections of your vehicle—but only if you have a 4-door variant. This kit also gets you an off-road recovery kit, which includes a custom Roush case, recovery straps, d-rings, a flashlight, and some work gloves. All these things sound more vanity-driven than the others, except when you get docked up on a sand dune and actually need some recovery straps, which is pretty unlikely with the Bronco, but gives you a feeling of security.

Talking about security, Roush will also fit a steel console vault inside your Bronco that's got a 4-digit combination lock in case you ever have to carry some of your valuables along with.

Not only is Roush hooking you up with a sick exhaust, a new air filter, huge wheels, and some very bright lights, they also give you the experience and the feeling of being a special customer. They include enough goodies and vanity items in their kit that you feel like you've gotten your money's worth. Included in the package is a certificate of authenticity with the R Series Kit, so you know, you own an original.

Their dedication and confidence in their products are no joke, and they know that. Almost every component has a warranty. 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty for most of the components, and a life-time warranty for that sweet exhaust system.

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For $8,400. That's how much the Roush R Series kit costs for the Ford Bronco… minus the installation of the kit.

The kit can be ordered for any level of trim for the 2021 or 2022-year models only. Either the 2-door or 4-door models are equipped with the 2.3- or 2.7-liter engines.

The kit can be installed at an authorized Roush dealer or shipped to the customer directly via the Roush website—at no extra cost. The exhaust system and the air filter can both be ordered separately. For a cost of $1,049.99 and $479.99, respectively.

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