What Midsize Truck Has the Best Gas Mileage?

2022-12-21 16:15:45 By : Mr. Kevin Parts

The pickup truck was initially designed for farmers who needed a work truck for various hauling tasks in the field. It wasn’t until later that families started to grasp that a pickup could be helpful in everyday activities and recreational ones like camping. As time passed, trucks went from gas-guzzling to ones with good gas mileage. Out of all the pickups on the market, which one has the best gas mileage, and which is second best?

For years, pickups weren’t known for getting the best fuel economy because of their size and engines. But there have been many advancements in this area, and now you can find some trucks competing with fuel-efficient cars. Engines nowadays are made to be more fuel efficient than the old gas-guzzler V8s of the past. 

Some examples include turbocharging engines that improve performance and cylinder deactivation, where certain cylinders are disabled to reduce fuel consumption. Pickup trucks, though, are usually chosen for towing capability. 

Will a fuel-efficient powertrain decrease maximum towing numbers? With a 10-speed automatic transmission, you can expect to handle some decent payload and towing capacity figures. Technology has come even further than that, though. We now have hybrid powertrains, which combine gas engines and electric motors. According to KRQE News, one midsize pickup stands out as the truck with the best gas mileage.

Only 1 day under my belt, but I’m mighty impressed with the Ford Maverick hybrid. pic.twitter.com/DpMYLDmHaL

When it comes to trucks, you don’t usually think about hybrid powertrains, but the Ford Maverick stands out because it has one. Under the hood is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor. The combination produces 191 hp and 155 lb-ft of torque. With this model, you can expect to get 42 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway, which equates to 26 mpg combined. 

With the Ford Maverick, you can get 17-inch steel wheels, LED headlights, cloth upholstery, an 8-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, power windows, and rear under-seat storage for the base model. As for optional equipment, you can upgrade to the Lariat trim, which offers a push-button start, proximity keyless entry, simulated leather upholstery, cruise control, and a power-locking tailgate. 

All trims have impressive packages to add to your purchase. For example, its towing package offers a trailer hitch receiver, and with the FX-4 Off-Road package, you get all-terrain tires, front tow hooks, hill descent control, an all-wheel drivetrain, and skid plates. 

Yep, the 2021 Jeep Gladiator diesel starts at $41,040: https://t.co/O6YZBUDB7Y pic.twitter.com/FI5onYWP01

Following behind the Ford Maverick for its gas mileage is the Jeep Gladiator. While its standard V6 engines are good for 18 mpg combined, the 3.0-liter V6 EcoDiesel engine option makes it a competitor to the Ford Maverick. This model offers 24 to 25 mpg overall, which puts it at the top of some critics’ list of favorites for pickup trucks. 

The Gladiator is also known for its towing capabilities. While it’s not considered a full-size pickup, it can still handle at least 4,000 lbs without special equipment. If it’s properly equipped, you can tow up to 7,600 lbs. Payload capacity is also impressive since it’s capable of hauling 1,700 lbs. 

The newly developed Mercedes-AMG 2.0-liter M 139 engine is the world's most powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine in series production, boasting an output of up to 310 kW (421 hp). With this engine, we have now surpassed the last most powerful M 133 by 30 kW (40 hp)! pic.twitter.com/TFikCkvMsG

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Of course, true to its Jeep nature, the Gladiator comes with a soft top or removable hard top. To make it more Jeep-like, you can remove the doors and fold down the windshield. 

Pickup trucks have come a long way when it comes to fuel efficiency. It’s nice to see that you can get a midsize pickup to haul some of your toys and still get decent fuel economy ratings. The Ford Maverick offers the best gas mileage on the market, followed by the Jeep Gladiator. The only problem is, which one should you buy?