50mm/4t/5t ratchet tie down strap/car tie down strap

H-LIFT 50mm/4t/5t Ratchet Tie-Down Strap-Load restraint using a tensioning device (ratchet) -Effective and safe control of loads whilst transportation -Extremely quick and efficient tie down and release of load thus saving time. -No damage to the load being tied down. ITEMLengthEnd FittingL.CM.B.SRTD5040DJ0.5

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H-LIFT 50mm/4t/5t Ratchet Tie-Down Strap

-Load restraint using a tensioning device (ratchet) 

-Effective and safe control of loads whilst transportation 

-Extremely quick and efficient tie down and release of load thus saving time. 

-No damage to the load being tied down.

ITEMLengthEnd FittingL.CM.B.S
RTD5040DJ0.5 + 9.5MDouble J Hook2,000KG4,000KG
RTD5040CK0.5 + 9.5MClaw Hook2,000KG4,000KG
RTD5040TS0.5 + 9.5MTwisted Snap Hook2,000KG4,000KG
RTD5040FS0.5 + 9.5MFlat Snap Hook2,000KG4,000KG
RTD5040JK0.5 + 9.5MDouble J Hook With Keeper2,000KG4,000KG
RTD5040SJ0.5 + 9.5MSingle J Hook2,000KG4,000KG
RTD5040FT0.5 + 9.5MForged Hook with Triangle2,000KG4,000KG
RTD5040TG0.5 + 9.5MTriangle2,000KG4,000KG

50mm/4t/5t Ratchet Tie Down/Car Lashing Strap50mm/4t/5t Ratchet Tie Down/Car Lashing Strap

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How often should lifting equipments be subject to thorough examantions?

Thorough examination of lifting equipment must take place every 12 months - or every 6 months if the equipment is used to lift people. Any accessories used in lifting should also be inspected every 6 months. These are the minimum requirements, where there is no formal 'examination scheme' drawn up by a competent person.

Q2. What is a competent person ?

A competent person is someone who has appropriate practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of the equipment for which they act as 'competent person'. This knowledge and experience can help them detect defects / weaknesses and assess whether they will affect the continued safe use of the equipment.

Q3. Does new lifting equipment have to be thoroughly examined before use ?

You must have lifting equipment examined in the following circumstances:

Before using it for the first time - unless the equipment has an EC Declaration of Conformity which is less than one year old and the lifting equipment was not assembled on site. If it was assembled on site, it must be examined by a competent person to confirm that the assembly was correct and safe.
After assembly, and before use at each location - for all lifting equipment that requires assembly or installation before use (eg tower crane) - to ensure it has been installed correctly and is safe for use

Q4. What are tie down straps?

Tie down straps are straps, often used in commercial trucking or transportation, which are used to keep items on a truck or pallet from falling off while in transport. These straps come in a number of different colors and lengths, though they are often provided with sufficient length to go across a large flatbed truck.

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