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Giving credit to a lazy but productive intern who rigged up a HART 20V drill to a manual strap, Hart Tools announced their latest tool, a cordless ratchet strap system that winds and unwinds without the usual wrapping and tugging.

“I was just trying to figure out a way to more quickly secure boxes of our tools to pallets for shipping and then it hit me,” said John Tooley, intern at the HART Tools office in South Carolina. “I grabbed one of our brushless 20V drills and some accessories. The next thing I know I was signing NDAs and nondisclosure agreements and surrounded by company executives very excited about my apparent genius.”

The new HART Tools cordless ratchet strap runs on the company’s 20V lithium-ion batteries. Each can secure a load of up to 500 pounds.

The first strap to lack an actual handle, the Hart Tools cordless ratcheting strap begins in the “secure loading release” position. It will let out all of its 15 feet of strap as needed. When it’s time to return the strap, simply activate the release button followed by the “retract strap” button. The ratchet strap automatically spools all 15-feet of strap back tight into the housing.

The push-button release and retract feature makes this one of the simplest ratchet straps to use. You don’t even have to release all 15-feet of strap—just let out what you need.

The HART Tools ratchet straps are made from reinforced polyester webbing. As a result, they don’t weigh much and have a good amount of strength for general use when hauling furniture, mulch, or other items in a truck bed or trailer. They coated powder-coated the S-hooks to make them less likely to scratch the sides of vehicles or more delicate items.

Get more information on these new cordless straps here.

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